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How to Remove a Backdoor Trojan

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Choose Right between Different AntiTrojan Programs

The problem of the Trojan horse continues to escalate today especially as more people obtain access to the Internet. There are new Trojans that are being released and discovered everyday. Computer and internet security companies are being faced with the difficult question of how to remove a backdoor Trojan as new Trojans seem to emerge almost every other hour. How to remove a backdoor Trojan is also a dilemma for home computer users as well as organizations and corporates. If you know anything about Trojan horses you will know that the usual antivirus software you use for your computer is not enough to detect and remove backdoor Trojans

It is not all bad news though. There is some silver lining to the Trojan horse cloud. As much as hackers and other malicious software experts have been creating new Trojans, Computer and Internet Security have been dedicating as much if not more time creating anti-Trojan programs to detect and remove the latest Trojans. For home computer users who want to save money, you would be glad to know that there are many anti-Trojan programs that are either offered for free or at affordable prices.  

If you are an inexperienced anti-Trojan program user, Trojan Hunter could be the answer to your ‘how to remove a back door Trojan’ question. This sophisticated program not only detects Trojans easily, its interface is user friendly making it simple for inexperienced users to make use of it. It has an outstanding performance in detecting and removing Trojans. Its support is also quite outstanding. This is definitely one of the best products available.   

Picture of Anti Spyware.AVG anti spyware is another great anti-Trojan program. Formerly known as Ewido, its scanner is very fast and it possesses a very effective Trojan remover. This program will, as an added bonus, take care of other spyware that is in most cases difficult to get rid of.  

Pest Patrol like AVG anti spyware, will detect more than just Trojan horses. This program will detect a wide range of undesirable pests such as Adware and Malware. The anti-Trojan program, Tauscan possesses a fast scanner and although it is much older than AVG antipsyware, it does offer reasonable Trojan detection and removal capabilities.   

There are several other anti-Trojan software programs that are available to answer your ‘how to remove a backdoor Trojan’ dilemmas such as The Cleaner, A Squared (A2) and TDS 3. If you are a novice, you would be well advised to invest in a simple to use yet effective anti-Trojan program.   

What is a Backdoor Trojan?  

If you have heard of Trojans, you know that they are programs that appear to have a desirable function but in reality have malicious functions. A backdoor Trojan creates a “backdoor” access to your system. This means that other people can access your system over the Internet. Backdoor Trojans are also known as Remote Access Trojans (RAT). Examples of backdoor Trojans include Netbus and Back Orifice. If you suspect that you have a backdoor Trojan, you need to download an effective anti- Trojan program, disconnect your computer from the Internet and run a Trojan scan.