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The Latest Internet Security Threat Report

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Whether you are a business owner or home user, keeping up to date with the latest news on threats on the Internet is important so that you can protect your computer and your personal information.

One way of keeping up to date with information regarding security threats is to read the latest internet security threat report and news on security threats on websites of reputable security companies.

According to the Internet security threat report by Symantec, attackers are no longer using high broadcast attacks to gain access or to control networks.

Instead they are resorting to more stealthy means that are harder to detect but more lethal. Hackers and other malicious attackers on the Internet have realized that larger enterprises are easier to detect and destroy. They have come up with forms of attack that are directed to end users and specific websites. These attacks are not as easily detected.

Kapersky’s internet security threat report for 2008 showed an increase in the volume of Trojan programs on the Internet. The use of Trojans to steal personal information especially regarding bank accounts revealed that the cyber crime rate was up and the industry was quickly developing different departments. There are those who create, those who distribute and those use the malicious software. This shows that the threats to internet security are bound to increase as it is becoming a booming industry.

The rate at which the cybercriminal industry is growing is made evident by the number of new suspect code samples SophosLabs receives. According to the SophosLab’sPicture of Email Virus. internet security threat report for 2009, they have been receiving an average of 20 000 new samples in a day for analysis. SophosLabs is the global network that deals with threat analysis.

Security in all operating systems is being stepped up. This was especially since the discovery that malware was not a problem isolated to Microsoft operating systems. Operating systems like Apple Macintosh begun feeling the bite of malware attack in 2008. The number of threats that attacked Microsoft Windows however, still outweighed those infecting other Operating Systems. This has even become worse with the increased popularity of devices such as iPods.

No one is safe from Malware. The figures in any of the internet security threat report of any of the leading security firms show that just even downloading an email or attachment is enough to make your computer vulnerable. Malware is everywhere, disguised as anything. In 2008 it was estimated that 97 percent of the business attachments that were sent to emails were in fact malware.

The good news is that security companies are not sleeping either. They are constantly updating their anti-malware software to ensure that they offer you adequate protection from the latest types of malware. Online scans by various companies are now being offered for free so as to help you detect what your installed scanner can’t. The advantage of using an online scanner is that it is constantly up to date. Further updates of anti-malware software are also available online.