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The Top 10 Internet Threats

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If you are a computer user I know you love the device dearly. The Internet has educative and entertaining content. Computers and the Internet make work easier and make communication even better to an extent that we sometimes wonder how we ever survived without them. To continue enjoying the good communication with your friends and improved office work you have to be ware of internet threats that your computer faces.

The Internet is the biggest source of information but like everything else some special information has limited access. Theft is among the biggest internet threats since people want to access information which is not meant for them.

Personal information is placed on social networking sites as people interact. CVs and resumes are uploaded while searching for jobs. Hackers want this information and are trying their best to let it loose making hacking a major internet threat.

Internet threats are mostly scams and internet hoaxes. They are disguised as warning messages. It is not always that when you read a warning that you should respond. For instance the warning might advise you to delete some files claiming that they are viruses while in reality they are scams. The scams which pose as well-intended warning will spread internet threats as you forward them to other addresses.

It is possible to avoid internet threats by intercepting online traffic by use of border gateway protocol. An unencrypted online traffic is detected and stopped before it does any harm. The same BGP contributes to another internet threat known as IP hijacking/snooping. The BGP can be misused to intercept data by directing internet traffic to an attacker’s network. It happens through traffic misguidance of the shortest route. A BGP table is responsible for producing the most preferable route for traffic delivery. If the attacking IP address has more prefixes BGP will direct traffic to it. Unless there is a network engineer, to read BGP tables which can tell when data is being intercepted.

This can also fall under spy ware internet threats where personal details are sent to unwanted destinations as either freeware or shareware which is usually distributed for free. Routing traffic to unwanted destination breaches security and is considered one of the biggest internet threats. You most probably have come across very admirable free software. It might not have been a good deal as you previously thought since when you install the freeware, it bounds you to advertise. This kind of internet threat falls under adware.

Among common computer internet threats is a virus. It is a computer program that replicates and damages data and information in the computer. It can make your computer ‘crash’ since it interferes with the operating system of the computer. This is among the most dreaded internet threats because it attacks the most important computer applications.

Trojan horse is among computer internet threats that hide its true intent. It appears as a beneficial program but interferes with computer operations. Most of the love letters circulating through the world cyberspace have an attached program that downloads maliciously. Another internet threat among the malicious computer program code is a worm. It also destroys computer data and crashes the machine if fast measures are not taken. So, today as you enjoy the many benefits that the web brings be cautious. Danger lurks!