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Perfect for removing from allready infected computers
or stopping spyware before it gets access.

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Picture of Spyware is generally installed when you download a program, software or simple game/application. Just downloading a game off the internet of screensaver program can lead to the installation of spyware on your computer.

It is possible for programmers to bind two programs together in your install, the spyware may be being installed along side your downloaded application without you even knowing.

Once spyware is installed on your computer it can do a range of clever things in the background without the user knowing. This includes sending personal details such as passwords and credit card/bank information over the internet to the programmer.

It is also even possible to log and send all your key types and presses back to the programmer. This sent information can be used by criminals for a range of illegal activity or just used to target your email accounts with the dreaded spam you get every week! Make sure to install a spyware remover and removal tool before it even has a chance to install on your computer!