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An e-mail virus is a malicious program spread from one computer to another as an e-mail attachment. It causes a lot of harm if it is activated by a user. It corrupts your data and might even cause the machine to crash. The programmers are aware that they are creating a program that will face a lot of rejection.

An email virus will not come to your computer as a virus but as a very interesting poem, love letter, comment, audio or video file. This deceives you as the user to open the e-mail attachment. Once you do so, your machine becomes infected with the virus. To stay out of danger, you must install spyware blockers. As the name suggests, it blocks any suspicious downloads or email attachments.

Protect your computer from threats by installing spyware blockers which scans and removes any threat found in the computer. You can avoid e-mail virus by avoiding opening unknown attachments and installing anti-virus software.

What is a Blackworm Virus

A black worm virus is a very dangerous virus. It sends itself to all the email addresses available in the infected computer. It disables antivirus software and renders it useless. Even more dangerous to the user is that it corrupts the user files by over-writing on them. It displays error messages when you open your files. It is very difficult to detect a black worm virus since it cannot be seen. If you see a message that suggests your computer is infected by a blackworm virus beware because it might be a spy ware designed to deceive the user to install a rogue anti spyware software. To avoid such tricks, you should install spy ware blockers.

Make sure you protect your network to avoid spy ware and viruses. The difference between a worm and a virus is that a worm replaces your files while a virus attaches itself on your file. Beware.

How to Prevent the Threats

To prevent virus threats you should up-date your operating system’s security more often. Security companies provide security updates that can be downloaded from their websites. To make sure the security options are enabled, open your browser window and click on tools menu then on options and check the security check box. Another way to protect your computer from threats is by installing spyware blockers downloaded from a reliable source. They recognize spyware and other internet threats such as blackworm viruses and keep them out of the network.

To be on the safe side, always ensure that your firewall is always turned on. Install a reliable one which can detect security threats such as blackworm viruses and spyware. Threats are being created every day since they are income earners to some people. This is why it is important to update spy ware blocker definitions all the time. Use this information to keep your computer out of danger and you will be
glad you read this.

You need spyware blockers if you value your website or if you want to visit the right web site. This is because the URL might be correct but you end up in a different destination. The advertisements and comments redirect unsuspecting users to rogue websites. To enjoy quality online services mind about your computer’s security.