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Spyware Removal - Get Rid of your Computer Threats

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Find out how to remove spyware from your computer

Having your computer infected by spyware is a nuisance. If you are an internet user, you probably have already had or are having an experience with spyware.

The presence of spyware on your computer can disrupt your work.

Worse still,your personal information and documents are at risk of being compromised as spyware programs maintain links with other marketing company websites and will thus leave you vulnerable to exposure.

Spyware removal is crucial if your documents are to remain safe and for you to retain your sanity. Spyware removal can be difficult once the document is already in the system but it is necessary so as to protect yourself from hackers.

There are two methods that are widely used for safe spyware removal, manual spyware removal and using programs designed to remove spyware i.e. antispyware programs. Manual spyware removal is best suited for situations where you can identify spyware without having to scan for it. If you can identify a certain program as spyware you can remove it manually by uninstalling it.

Manual spyware remover for windows users requires that you go to the control panel and open the add/remove programs function. Select the applications you believe are spyware and click on the remove button. Restart your computer after this to ensure that the settings have been saved.  

If you would rather use an anti-spyware program for spyware removal you must keep in mind that spyware and viruses are two different things and not all antivirus programs can be used for successful spyware removal. If you have already installed an anti-spyware program in your computer, you should start the spyware removal process by downloading the latest version or any of its updates.

Close all programs and disconnect your computer from the Internet. You may now run your scan. When the scan is over you then turn on the immunization mode to protect our computer from further attacks by similar threats by clicking on the ‘immunization mode’ button. Allow your anti-spyware program to delete all the spyware it has detected and restart the computer. If you want to be one hundred percent sure that the spyware removal was successful, restart the computer then run a second scan.  

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What is a Threat to Your Computer? 

People store a lot of information in their computers. We are constantly exchanging and transferring personal information about ourselves and others over the Internet. The security of information stored in our computers can be compromised by the presence of certain computer threats which warrant removal.  

The most commonly known threat to computers is a virus. This is a program that is designed to change the operation of your computer system without your knowledge or permission. Macro viruses are similar to viruses but their function is to make a document perform a task repeatedly or make calculations on spreadsheets without prompting from you.  

Trojan Horses usually have a function on your computer e.g. entertainments, that prompts you to use them. They may seem harmless but they end up damaging files, allowing hackers to have access to your computer or installing viruses in files. Programs that are worms multiply and spread in your computer and to other computers and thus opening doorways for hackers in the process.  

Other threats that are common to computers today include Adware and Spyware, Zombies, Virus Hoaxes and Unsecured Wireless Access Points.