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Learn How to Use your Spyware Removal Program

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An easy guide on how to use Anti-Adware programs

If you have noticed that your computer operations have become slower, or characters are appearing on your word processor without your prompting or strange websites are appearing on your browser without a command from you, then you may be hosting a spyware program on your computer.

A spyware attack can be a nuisance. It can also cause the exposure of your personal information to the public and even more dangerous, to hackers. To prevent this you will need to arm yourself with effective spyware removal software. The following is a guide to using spyware removal software and ensuring your computer is free of Adware.

Step 1: You will be surprised to know that it is not enough for you to simply scan for adware. If you want to ensure that your computer will be 100% free of adware after using spyware removal software, you will need to take some preliminary precautions. The first step in spyware removal is to delete any temporary files. This will assist in enhancing the performance of your computer during the scanning process. Temporary files include those that you use once and never use again and temporary internet files.

To delete ordinary temporary files, click on accessories in the start menu. Click on system tools and choose disk clean up. Select the files you want to delete on the files to delete list and click ‘ok’.

To delete temporary internet files open the control panel on the start menu. Click on internet options. Select general tasks and click on delete cookies or delete files under temporary internet files then click ‘apply’.

Picture of Internet Security.Step 2: Ensure that you have an effective spyware removal software program. Examples of effective spyware removal software programs available online for free include McAffee, Ad-Aware, Google Pack, Spybot Search & Destroy, Avast and Windows Defender. Search for the spyware removal software that suits your needs online and follow the links provided to download the software. Then follow the instructions provided to install the spyware removal software.

Step 3: If you already have spyware removal software installed in your computer ensure it is up to date. To update your spyware removal software simply connect your computer to the Internet and click on the update button on the software icon.

Step 4: You may now begin your scan by clicking on the spyware removal software icon and clicking on the scan button. Most software will ask your permission before deleting files that are infected. Delete all the files that you will not need.

Step 5: When the scan is over, restart your computer in safe mode. To do this, press F8 just as the system is booting into the window. This will display the option on the screen of selecting safe mode start up window. Use the arrow keys on the keyboard to make the selection.

Step 6: There are some spyware programs that hide themselves from the spyware removal software programs when the computer is fully booted. They can however be detected when the computer is in safe mode. To ensure that your computer is totally free from Adware, run a second scan with the computer in safe mode.

Step 7: Restart the computer. Your computer will now be free from spyware.