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Spyware is one of the most dangerous computer threats there is today. There was a time when it was just a Microsoft problem. Today there is an increased number of Adware and Malware that infects other operating systems such as Apple Macintosh.

Spyware is considered very dangerous because it allows hackers and other unauthorized persons to have full access to your computer. Personal information that you have stored in your computer such as bank account numbers, bank statements, pay slips and various pin numbers, are therefore vulnerable.

If you use the Internet and have not yet installed a spyware scanner then you are in grave danger of being exposed. Spyware attacks are very subtle. You will not notice that you have spyware until their malicious actions are made apparent.

If you have ever used any of the popular share programs that are downloaded from the Internet, downloaded attachments from your email or accessed any other free software, you should search for a spyware scanner as soon as possible and have your computer checked for spyware. Most spyware is attached to these documents and software and is installed in your machine as you install your new applications.

Once a spyware program has acquired access to your computer disguised as an innocent looking desirable application, it installs itself simultaneously with the program it was attached to and is stored on your hard disk. Every time you boot your computer, the spyware also starts running.

Once installed in your hard disk, the spyware uses your internet browser to transmit information it has gathered without your knowledge. Private information such as your URL, IP address and other system information are transmitted to spies in a remote location.

There are some antivirus software programs that can detect spyware. There are some spyware programs however, that are so covert that they are undetectable by these programs. Online spyware scanners are highly efficient in this regard. You can access free online spyware scanners if you suspect you may be experiencing a spyware attack.

There are several downloadable spyware scanners that are available for free. Those spyware scanner programs that are not for free in most cases will offer you a free trial period. These spyware scanner programs will find the spyware that is lurking in your computer no matter where it hides itself.

If you prefer to find the spyware yourself instead of using a spyware scanner you can seek and delete them manually from your system. You can locate spyware by going to the start menu and clicking on Control Panel. Use the Add/Remove section to look for any suspicious looking applications and delete them from your system.

You can also locate spyware from the Windows Start Up folder i.e. C:\documents and settings\all users\start menu. Here you will be able to see if any programs have been added. Programs that seem suspect can be removed from the registry. Removal of programs from this registry should be done only by someone with in-depth knowledge of computer operating systems.