SpywareRemover                                       Anti-Spyware AND AntiVirus                                                     Quick and easy removal and real time protection from online spyware and vulnerabilities.
Perfect for removing from allready infected computers
or stopping spyware before it gets access.

Picture of Free Spyware Scan.

Picture of Spyware Remover.


Picture of Trojans Removal Software.Trojans horses work their way onto you computer, again buy getting installed on what may seem safe harmful software.

Once installed a Trojan virus can cause great harm, it is one of the most harmful forms of virus and spyware. Trojans can allow a hacker to get remote access to your computer and all applications including webcam!

Personal information such as bank details and credit card information can be taken and the keys you type can be logged

Once remote access has been established on your computer the hacker or trojan virus programmer can use your system in anyway he wishes, folders, work and files can be edited and deleted at the click of a button. Your computer can be used along with other infected computers to DOS attack and take part in other illegal activities.